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Ralph's Roofing Blog Hello! My name is Ralph and this is my roofing blog. I first became fascinated with roofing when I was a boy. When my dad was angry at me. I would climb up onto the roof of our house and hide. One afternoon, when I was hiding on the roof, I found myself looking at the tiles and wondering how they fitted together and stayed in place. I decided to spend a couple of months hanging around the local roofing contractors office so I could learn a thing or two. And I did. Although I never became a professional roofer myself, I still remember all of the tips and advice.

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Hiring a Roof Installation Expert Ensures Quality New Roof Installation

New roof installation involves putting a roof on any building, be it a house, storage shed, barn, garage, carport, etc. A job of this magnitude should be left to the expe

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Why Timber Roof Trusses Are the Perfect Replacement for Conventional Stick-Built Roof Framing

The Australian building construction industry has come a long way. With the introduction of innovative roof construction products like roof trusses, gone are the days whe

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Metal Roofs Are Durable and Convenient Solutions for Your Premises

Metal roofing is becoming a popular option for home and business owners. Over the past decade, there has been a spike in demand for metal roofing supplies due to the grow

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How to Market Your Roof Repairs Business

Many people own houses across the country, and this has resulted in high demand for roof repair experts. Roofs play an important role in protecting the inhabitants of a h