Understanding Roof Restoration

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You may come across different terms when you are having problems with your roof. They can include roof restoration, roof repair and roof replacement.

  • Roof repair means fixing minor damage to your roof.
  • Roof restoration can include roof cleaning, roof treatment, roof repair, roof painting, etc.
  • Roof replacement is usually done when you have serious roof damage that cannot be repaired. You can only remove the damaged roof and replace it with a new roof.

Here's what you need to know about roof restoration:

What Type Of Roof Do You Have?

Different people have different types of roofs, maybe due to their preference, soundproof features, environmental conditions or aesthetic value. The most common roofs are metal sheets and tiles; sometimes, you can come across glass roofing.

Of course, metal sheets and tile roofing might have some similar and different restoration needs:

  • Similar restoration needs

This may include cleaning by either sweeping or scrubbing with water and detergent. This might also include checking for leaks and making the necessary repairs.

  • Different restoration needs

Metal sheet roofing might need repainting, while tile roofing may not.

Tile roofing might need mould treatment, while metal sheet roofing may not.

How Do You Know You Need Restoration Services?

The simplest way is by looking at your roof. You can easily tell when it looks untidy, dirty or discoloured. You need to contact a roof restoration contractor to inspect your roof. They may clean it or apply the necessary roof restoration measures, which depend on what type of roofing material you have.

It is good to note that if you have a tile roof, contact a tile roof restoration contractor. Likewise, if you have a metal sheet roof, contact a metal sheet roof restoration contractor.

The second thing is that you can notice a leak. A leak tells you that either the roof is incorrectly installed or a bigger problem may be developing as a result of not inspecting or maintaining your roof.

What Does Roof Restoration Cost?

This is dependent on various factors:

  • The size of your roof — the larger the area, the higher the fees.
  • The amount of work to be done — if you need more work to be done on your roof, you might have to pay more. This also includes the purchase cost of various products like coatings or treatments to be applied to your roof.
  • The ease of accessing your roof — if accessing your roof is not easy, expect a slightly higher fee.

For further details and information on roof restoration, reach out to a local roofing contractor.

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