Granny Flat Tips That Will Help You Stand Out. Don't Be Ordinary!

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Granny flats are an accessory dwelling that you should consider having on your property. They fall into the category of tiny houses, and tiny house living continues to thrive as people look to optimise living spaces. Essentially, granny flats derive their popular name from the ideal space and privacy that they accord to the elderly members of the family. You can still incorporate excellent design elements into your granny flat. Don't go for something basic. Here are some tips for the design elements that will help you make the most of your do-it-yourself granny flat:

Go for Smart Storage

With the "tiny house" element in question, you can only get decent storage in a granny flat if you are smart about your design. Take note of the fittings that usually eat up space in normal houses and find a way of incorporating them into your granny flat. First, go for built-in shaving cabinets in the bathroom. Secondly, you can also incorporate wall alcoves in the toilet and shower where you can store toiletries and other supplies. Lastly, think about shelving in corners and along the surface of the walls that does not restrict movement within the interior space.

Connect the Granny Flat to the Old House

Accessibility is an important consideration when you think about the granny flat. You need to balance privacy and accessibility. Despite wanting your elderly loved ones to enjoy lots of time alone, there is a need to reach them promptly on occasion. Create a pathway (such as a short corridor) between the main house and the granny flat. You can also connect the two structures using a ramp, making it easy for the elderly to cross over. These pathways are also a chance to fit one or two shelves for more storage.

Create the Illusion of Space

Note that a granny flat is not a big structure considering you are making it for one or two people. Therefore, you need to find ways of making the structure feel spacious and habitable for those using it. The secret lies in the materials you use and the finishing that you select. Go for sliding glass doors to create an open space for those inside the granny flat. These doors are less intrusive when compared to ordinary wooden or metallic doors. The glass doors also allow lots of natural light into the living space, saving you lighting costs while making the place appear spacious.

For more ideas, contact a company that sells granny flat kits.

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