Roofing For Packaging Facilities: 6 Reasons To Choose Metal

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If you run a product packaging business and are constructing a new facility, you will want to ensure that the materials used to construct your new building are up to the job. Packaging facilities and other large commercial buildings can be fitted with a variety of specialised roofing materials, from modified bitumen to sophisticated synthetic membranes, but metal roofing is frequently the best choice.

Metal roofing cannot be used on flat roofs, but if your new packaging facility has a pitched or low-slope roof, choosing metal roofing can bring many benefits to the table. Here are some of the key advantages of fitting metal roofing to your new packaging facility:


As you can imagine, metal roofing is extraordinarily durable. Steel roofing boasts tremendous impact resistance and can withstand extremely high winds, making it ideal for protecting delicate packaging equipment from the elements. Aluminium roofing is slightly less wind resistant but makes up for it with excellent corrosion resistance, a very useful property if your facility is located in an area that sees frequent rainfall.

Metal roofing is also long-lasting and can be used for many decades before extensive repairs and restoration become necessary. Metal roofing has significantly more longevity than many types of synthetic membrane roofing and will help to minimise facility downtime caused by roofing repairs.

Leak Resistance

High-quality metal roofing is also extremely watertight and will prevent rainwater from leaking into your building and contaminating packaging materials or products. Standing seam metal roofing is especially prized for preventing water leaks and allows rainwater to run off your roof quickly and efficiently.

Strength-To-Weight Ratio

A unique advantage of metal roofing is its excellent strength-to-weight ratio. A wide-span metal roof can be installed with minimal use of supporting trusses and scaffolds. This allows you to keep the indoor space near the roof of your building free of obstructions, providing useful extra space for product storage.

Load-Bearing Strength

Metal roofing also has significantly more load-bearing strength than other commonly used commercial roofing materials. This allows you to install roof-mounted air conditioners, exhaust flues, ventilation infrastructure and other heavy equipment, without having to invest in expensive roof reinforcement.

Fire Resistance

Fire prevention is a top priority in any commercial packaging facility, and a small fire can quickly become a raging inferno if packaging materials or flammable products are set alight. If a large fire does break out inside your building, fitting a fire-resistant metal roof to your building will ensure that your roof does not catch fire and collapse.

Rapid Installation

Most types of modern metal roofing are modular and pre-fitted with screw holes, insulated underlays and adhesive backing. As a result, these types of metal roofing can be installed very quickly by a professional commercial roofing contractor and will help you get your new facility up and running as soon as possible.

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