Why You Should Add a Verandah to Your Home

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When you want to expand your living space, you have a few options available to you. One of them is to install a verandah. As an extension of your outdoor space, a verandah can bring lots of benefits to your day-to-day lifestyle. Here are some reasons why you should install one.

More Time Outdoors

When you love spending time outdoors each day but the weather sometimes gets in the way, a verandah may be exactly what you need. Most feature an expansive roof and provide enough space for you to place some furniture underneath. By adding one to your property, you no longer need to rely on good weather to get some fresh air.

UV Ray Protection

When sunnier days come around, you may restrict the time you spend outside based on how strong the UV rays are. Usually, this means heading indoors between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm. If you'd rather not restrict yourself, having some shade overhead allows you to block out the sun's rays and avoid the risks that come with too much sun exposure.

Outdoor Space for Socialising

If you love hosting barbecues and dining outdoors, installing a veranda is a good way to create an outdoor space for socialising. Dining outdoors usually requires you to keep furniture and a barbecue, especially if you're going to dine out there regularly. By having a roof over the top of them, you're less likely to find that they fall into a state of disrepair.

Adding Value to Your Home

You may find that expanding your outdoor space brings some value to your home. Although having a veranda isn't always a deciding characteristic for prospective buyers, some surveyors may see it as a value-boosting asset. This is especially true when you have a well-landscaped outdoor area that's nice to spend time in.

Storing Sports Goods

Whether you're a fan of cycling or you love to surf, sometimes the equipment that you require for your hobbies takes up a lot of space. It isn't reasonable to leave everything to face the weather, so installing a veranda could work to your advantage. Providing you use appropriate covers too, you should give your sports goods adequate protection against wet weather.

From having somewhere to socialise to protecting the equipment you need for your hobbies, verandahs are useful for lots of reasons. Now all you need to do is find an installation team that can add one to your property.

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