Is Your Roof Ready to Receive Solar Panels?

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Your roof is your home's crowning glory, but is that crown in as good a condition as it needs to be? Broadly speaking, any roof that protects your home from the elements is doing what it needs to do. Any damage should be promptly repaired, and basic periodic maintenance should be performed. This includes the removal of debris, the removal of any moss that has begun to grow, and even the pruning of any overhanging foliage that has the potential to damage your roof. And yet, the state of your roof should be questioned if you want to add anything to it. If you should wish to install solar panels on your home's roof, you need to make sure that your roof is in a fit state to host them.

The Longevity of Solar Panels

The sheer lifespan of solar panels can mean that they're going to be a permanent prospect. Solar panels can last for 30 to 40 years, if not longer. There are even solar panels still generating electricity after 60 years. This longevity means that your roof must be of an appropriate standard for installation. Any issues with your roof that can be identified and rectified prior to installation reduces the complexity of any future maintenance, since any issues with your roof can mean that the solar panels will need to be removed and then reinstalled. This complicates the logistics of future roof repair, as well as increasing the cost.

A Thorough Assessment

Logically, any concerns about the suitability of your roof when it comes to solar panels can be linked to the age of the roof. A well-maintained roof might still be a suitable candidate, and yet a thorough assessment is needed. A re roofing specialist might identify issues of concern which should be addressed prior to the installation of any solar panels. Ideally this would only encompass minor issues, such as patches of degradation which can be repaired without the necessity of an entire replacement of your roof.

When Roof Replacement is Recommended

Of course, the news might not be ideal. It might be concluded that your roof will require replacement in the foreseeable future, particularly if it's coming towards the end of its expected life. Classed as a small-scale renewable energy system, you might be eligible for a rebate or other financial incentive when you install solar panels. And yet, if roof replacement is recommended prior to the installation of any solar panels, the whole project might become cost prohibitive. It's a personal choice, although you might wish to defer the installation of solar panels until your roof has been replaced, thus staggering the costs.

It's important to remember that the state of your roof plays a significant role when you're considering installing solar panels.

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