Why Timber Roof Trusses Are the Perfect Replacement for Conventional Stick-Built Roof Framing

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The Australian building construction industry has come a long way. With the introduction of innovative roof construction products like roof trusses, gone are the days when stick-framed roofs were the standard for roof framing. Timber roof trusses have become a popular choice among many residential and commercial building owners in various parts of Australia. Read on below to find out some top reasons behind the widespread use of these trusses in the country.

Eliminates the need for structural adjustments on the job site. 

A stick-framed roof comprises several different members (rafters, ridge boards, collar beams and ceiling joist) and it is built on the construction site one member at a time. Roofers may need to cut the wood and make other structural modifications in order to meet their requirements of the job. This can take up a lot of time, depending on the complexity of the job.

In comparison, roof trusses are fabricated at an off-site facility and they are delivered onsite in ready-to-install condition. The off-site fabrication allows roof truss manufacturers to supply products that meet high quality standards, but also eliminate the need for structural adjustments during the installation process, as every part of the truss assembly will be made to match the exact specifications of the job. 

Minimises exposure to weather elements.

As a result, building with roof trusses helps ensure faster project completion but also minimise exposure of the roof framing to inclement weather elements like the sun, rain, snowfall, ice and hail. Prolonged exposure to any of the highlighted elements may lead to distortion of any or all of the timber components. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that the installation process is completed as quickly as possible. In case of excessive weather exposure, the builder should ask the truss manufacturer to check the trusses as soon as possible. Otherwise, the roofer will risk losing out on their truss warranty.

Minimises labour costs.

As timber roof trusses are fabricated at an offsite facility and then installed directly on the construction site, they can help to significantly reduce labour hours on the job site. This will, in turn, help lower the cost of the roof installation job.

Clearly, there are notable perks associated with the use of timber roof trusses in the Australian construction world. If you intend to construct a new home or commercial building any time soon, you should definitely consider building it with these roof trusses.

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