Metal Roofs Are Durable and Convenient Solutions for Your Premises

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Metal roofing is becoming a popular option for home and business owners. Over the past decade, there has been a spike in demand for metal roofing supplies due to the growing popularity of this type of roofing material.

Indeed, metal roofs have come a long way from the days when they simply consisted of corrugated barn roofs made of steel. Nowadays, metal roofing comes in multiple designs and a host of accessories to complete the look. Metal roofing supplies have therefore become commonly desired commodities among people looking to replace/repair their roofs. In addition, property owners are beginning to realise that metal roofing offers numerous benefits to their property.  

Why is metal roofing a popular choice?

Excellent durability

Metal roofs are very durable options for your premises. They last for long periods of time, can withstand high winds, and are resistant to fire. They also easily shed off the snow and provide resistance against insects and rot. Property owners are often confident of this on-time investment, knowing that they won't have to worry about regular replacement/maintenance costs.

Lightweight solution

Metal roofing is very lightweight compared to other roofing materials. For example, tile weighs about 750 pounds per square (i.e. 100 square feet), and concrete is even heavier, at 900 pounds per square. Metal, on the other hand, weighs only between 50-150 pounds per square.

Convenient solutions

Metal roofing supplies can also be used to lay sheets of metal on top of an already-existing roof. As a result, renovations and construction projects can cost much less and proceed much faster.

Fire resistance

Metal roofs are non-combustible and do not spread fire when it breaks out. In fact, most metal roofing materials have a class A fire rating. This is the highest rating available.

    Metal roofing supplies used in installation

When installing metal roofs, there are important supplies that are used to determine the style, structure, and appearance of the roof itself. Most residential and commercial metal roofs are made of fastener metals. These are the small sheets of metal that make up the roofing surface. Fastener metals come in exposed fasteners (the nuts and bolts can be seen on the surface) or concealed fasteners (nuts and bolts are hidden).

The exposed fastener panels are a more cost-effective option and have been used for many years in both commercial and residential applications. Concealed fasteners are of higher cost but are more durable because the screws are hidden from outside wear and tear.

Regardless of your metal roofing preferences, having the right metal roofing supplies can increase the quality and durability of your roofs. 

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