Should You Consider Prefabricated Roof Trusses For Your Home Build?

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No matter what your home design is, roof trusses are a crucial element in the architectural design of the structure. These trusses function to bear the weight of your roofing as well as ensure that this load is evenly distributed along the walls of your home. In years past, roof trusses were typically built right at the construction site. In recent years, contractors and homeowners alike are realising the numerous benefits that prefabricated trusses bring to the building project. These prefabricated trusses are made right at the factory and then delivered on site when they need to be installed. So, should you consider prefabricated roof trusses for your home build?

Prefabricated roof trusses are versatile

Some people have the assumption that since the architectural design of their home is sophisticated or unique, they will not be able to find prefabricated trusses to suit their needs. In reality, prefabricated roof trusses are not just designed for mass production. You also have the option of choosing customised options from your roof truss supplier that would be exactly suited to your home's style. No matter what your roof design, the different angles of your structure or added features that you may want such as cross gables, you can be assured of finding prefabricated roof trusses to meet these structural elements.

Prefabricated roof trusses are inherently stable

A little-known benefit of prefabricated roof trusses is that they could end up being stronger than their counterparts that are built on site. Since the prefabricated trusses are built inside a factory, they are not exposed to inclement weather conditions. Trusses that are built on site, on the other hand, may be exposed to high moisture, changing temperatures and more. These environmental conditions can have an adverse effect on trusses that are made from timber, which would subsequently affect the integrity of your structure.

Prefabricated roof trusses can speed up the construction project

One thing most people can concur on when it comes to constructing their home is that sticking to the estimated project duration can prove difficult. Conditions out of your control such as erratic weather patterns, contractors needing days off and more could end up prolonging the construction time. When you opt for prefabricated roof trusses, you could shorten the time it takes for the project to be complete. Since the trusses are prefabricated, it means the contractors will not spend any time building them on their own. The trusses are delivered to your site when they are needed, and it is only a matter of installing them on the structure.

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