3 Ways a Contractor Can Reduce the Noise Created by Your Metal Roof

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Metal roofs present a whole host of benefits that are making them increasingly popular across the country. They last an extremely long time, require minimal maintenance and can often significantly reduce your heating bills. Be that as it may, there is one problem that some homeowners will find themselves facing: excessive noise.

Unfortunately, metal roofs can sometimes create a lot of noise. That said, it's not a problem that you need to put up with. Instead, you can call a metal roofing contractor.

Here are just three easy ways the assistance of a professional can help silence a noisy metal roof.

1. Replacement of the Underlayment

Every metal roof needs to have an underlayment. These are usually made from foam insulation or nylon filaments, and one of their main purposes is to reduce the noise that can be created by metal roofs. However, the underlayment may sometimes be installed improperly. Alternatively, it may become too compressed over time to work effectively, or simply may not deaden noise as much as you'd like. A contractor should be able to replace the underlayment; if necessary, you should be able to pick out a specialist type that is designed to block out more noise than the standard variety.  

2. Add, Replace or Readjust the Fasteners

Some metal roof noise comes solely from rain or hail hitting the surface. However, plenty of other noise occurs when the roof suffers from fastener issues. Essentially, fasteners are used to hold your roof properly in place. If they have been installed incorrectly, or if an insufficient number was used during construction, different parts of the exterior metal will move slightly when struck, banging against each other in the process. You may also hear noises as the metal expands and contracts due to temperature changes. A contractor can replace or tighten loose fasteners, or they can add additional fasteners if too few were used in the first place.

3. Application of Sealant

There's another way that metal roof movement could cause an unpleasant amount of noise, and it can be fixed by adding a sealant. Unfortunately, some metal roofs will begin to make distinctive squeaking noises at certain times. This occurs when two panel edges rub against each other. All you need to do to prevent this from happening is apply a little sealant. As well as cutting down on the noise, this will also help improve the structural integrity of your metal roof.

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